City Council


The City Council is the elected governing body of the City of Lebanon. It enacts legislation and citywide policies.

Each of the four wards of the City elects two aldermen for staggered two year terms. The Mayor is elected at large and serves a four year term.

If you are uncertain as to which Ward of the City you reside in, please view the current ward map or contact the Office of the City Clerk for assistance at 417.991.2360.


All meetings or special sessions of the City Council are posted and open to the public except as otherwise provided by law.  

Council business meetings occur the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers.  Council work sessions occur on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers.

To view agendas and minutes from each meeting, please go to our Agenda Center

  1. Jared Carr

    Phone: (417)-991-2300

  2. Gib Adkins

    Councilmember - Ward 1
    Phone: (417) 718-2697

  3. Ken Eldridge

    Councilmember - Ward 1
    Phone: (417) 718-1495

  4. Sheila Mitchell

    Councilmember - Ward 2
    Phone: (417) 533-5155

  5. Jim White

    Councilmember - Ward 2
    Phone: (417) 588-3113

  6. LeAnn Mather

    Councilmember - Ward 3
    Phone: (417) 532-4415

  7. Randy Wall

    Councilmember - Ward 3
    Phone: (417) 532-3679

  8. Bob Garner

    Councilmember - Ward 4
    Phone: (417) 532-9491

  9. Chuck Jordan

    Councilmember - Ward 4
    Phone: (417) 532-4435