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City Administator Updates

From City Administrator Chris Heard e-mail:

Jan 28

Electric Rates Calculator

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 5:15 PM by Chris Heard

At the work session on January 8th, the City Council engaged in a lengthy discussion about city electric rates, with the possibility of making adjustments to those rates in the near future.  In order to help residents better understand that discussion, we have posted an electric rates calculator based upon the rates discussed at that meeting.

Residential customers can take their consumption data from previous bills and see how the discussed rates structure would alter their monthly electric utility bills.  The discussed rates calculator is available to download here.
Sep 19

Surplus Auction

Posted on September 19, 2014 at 4:03 PM by Chris Heard

The City of Lebanon will be selling several surplus vehicles on Items will be put online over the next few days and bidding will close on Tuesday October 7, 2014. In August the City entered into an agreement with Purple Wave Auction to aid with the disposition of various equipment and vehicle assets. Purple Wave allows the City to market surplus property to people both within and outside the community, without having to worry about having bad weather or other logistics associated with having a one day on-site auction.

If you are interesting in bidding on the items in the auction head over to the Purple Wave website and click on the October 7 Government Auction, or click here. If you have never used Purple Wave before a tutorial video and registration information can be found on their website by clicking here

Sep 05

Look Ahead for Monday Night's Council Meeting

Posted on September 5, 2014 at 4:26 PM by Chris Heard

To All

In about two weeks elected and appointed officials from around the state will convene in St. Charles, Missouri for the annual Missouri Municipal League Conference (MML). Over the course of four days attendees will attend workshops and meet their peers to discuss their common issues. During my career I have had the good fortune of attended several MML Conferences, where I have interacted with people in the smallest and largest communities in our state. During all of my conversations over this time I have come to realize that we all face many of the same challenges, but the scale of the problem is what differentiates Lebanon from River Bend (population 9) and Kansas City (population 459,787).

In this vein of all things are similar but the scale, last night I stumbled upon a fascinating article about the wastewater collection system in Los Angeles. While reading the article I realized that slipped services lines, root intrusions, and replacement aging pipes, plague all communities, but the resources and methods to deal with them are where cities truly differ. The 6,700 miles of pipe operated by Los Angeles dwarfs the 120 miles our Wastewater Division manage, but when it come down to it they face many of the same issues as us in Lebanon, Missouri. Though I have to admit I am a bit envious of the pipe flow and odor control lab that the Los Angeles Wastewater folks have. 

As always, the look ahead, serves as a snapshot of items generally intended for your consideration on Monday evening, September 8, 2014 though there may be additions or deletions when you receive the published agenda later this week.

Public Hearing

There will be a public hearing on a consent annexation of a property located at 501 East Fremont.

Second Reading

You will have three second readings, on the agenda.

Ordinance, Reestablishing Ward Boundaries

This will be the second reading of an ordinance to amend the City Code related to the boundaries of the Council wards. The City has not changed its ward boundaries since the 1980s.

Ordinance, Electric Rates

This will be the second reading of an ordinance to amend the City Code related to the establishment of electric rates. As we have discussed in work sessions and at the business meeting the intent is to flatten the rate structure and decrease the number of rates and rate tables. The City now has a Rate Calculator for your convenience. This tool will help you to see how this ordinance will affect your household.

Ordinance, Disposal of real property

At your last meeting you discussed amendments to the City Code related to the disposal of fixed assets, namely real estate. This code amendment will lay out the conditions and the methods under which the city disposes of owned real property.

First and Second Readings

Ordinance, Annexation, 501 East Fremont

This is a petition for a voluntary annexation of a parcel located at 501 East Fremont. This property will be served by the City as part of the switch over resulting from our settlement with the public water supply district.

Ordinance, Surplus property declaration,

About a month ago the Council approved an agreement with Purplewave auction to sell surplus items online. Staff have created a list of several items they are recommending for sale though the auction, and per city code these must be declared as surplus items before we can offer them through Purplewave. 

Supplier Agreement, Park Playground Equipment

Last month Mr. Shelton informed the Council that he would be bringing forward the purchase of an inclusive play structure for consideration. If approved this would mark the first inclusive play structure in our parks system. These types of playgrounds allow children of all abilities and their families to enjoy our park amenities.

Supplier Agreement, Tourism Calendars

Each year the City has printed a calendar containing events and photos of the Lebanon area to promote tourism. These calendars are distributed throughout the state at welcome centers, chambers of commerce, and at trade shows. Previously grant funds from the Missouri Division of Tourism paid for this promotional tool, but due to changes in the grant conditions the City must bear the full cost of such publications.

Agreement, MDC Radio Agreement

The Missouri Department of Conservation has built a statewide public safety interoperable communications system, known as that provides for interoperable communications throughout the state to both state public safety agencies and local jurisdictions to use during various response scenarios. This agreement will allow the Fire Department to utilize the Department of Conservation’s system of frequencies for communications when needed.

Supplier Agreement, Civic Center HVAC Units

In the CIP staff has programmed for the phased replacement of the HVAC units serving the Civic Center. All of the HVAC units are original to the building and when the program is completed some will be nearing 20 years old. We opened the bids on Tuesday afternoon, but do to the truncated week I am unsure that we will have our evaluation of the bids completed for Monday’s meeting.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comment about any agenda items or any other concerns you may have. I am always available to discuss questions or concerns with you. Have a wonderful evening and a fabulous weekend.