How do I reserve a park shelter or the Mill's and Wallace facilities?

To Rent a Parks Shelter Online:

  1. Visit
  2. On the left is "Find A Facility"
  3. Click on the "Reservable" tab.
  4. Put the date you want to reserve in the From AND the To fields under "Date Range" (You should enter the same date in each. To reserve for multiple days call the Parks Dept. at 417-991-2222)
  5. Put the time range you would like the shelter reserved for in the From and To fields under "Times Available" (Example: From: 11:00 AM and To: 2:00 PM)
  6. 3 Options 6:30AM-2:00PM-$30,  3:00PM-10:30PM-$30,  All Day 6:30AM-10:30PM-$50 Atchley Play Ground Shelter, Ball Field Rentals and 5k Rentals call can't be rented online and need to call the park office (417)-991-2222  
  7. Click the "Search" Button bellow the search options
  8. The list of available Facilities/Shelters will then be filtered to show the ones available based on your search criteria.
  9. To rent one of the available Facilities/Shelters click on the Shelter Name and on the bottom of the Facilities/Shelter page click the "Reserve Facility" button that is at the top right of the Calendar.
  10. Follow the prompts to reserve and pay for your rental.

If you want to reserve your shelter in person you may do so at the Parks Department Office at Atchley Park or by calling them at (417) 991-2222.

To rent the Mills Center or the Wallace Building call the Civic Center at (417) 532-4642.

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