Smoke Testing 2017


Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) crews will be smoke testing the sanitary sewers starting in August, and lasting approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Locations of smoke testing are planned for the northern and eastern side of the City encompassing the areas of East Hwy 32, Jefferson Ave, and North Hwy 5 to the City Limits. Please note, depending on weather conditions testing could take longer.

The purpose of these tests is to assure quality service to our customers, by locating breaks and defects in the sanitary sewer system which allows stormwater to enter into the system. Large quantities of stormwater in the sewers consume part of the pipe capacity needed to carry wastewater. This system overloading can cause adverse affects (ex. sewage backups, increased cost of wastewater treatment, infrastructure damage …etc.) to the entire sewer collection and treatment processes which can affect each homeowner.

Prior to testing, please make sure that traps for all basement floor drains, sink traps, and other plumbing fixtures are full of water by pouring approximately 24 ounces of water in each drain. The smoke should not enter into buildings unless leaks or plumbing defects exist. Also, if anyone knows any individuals with special needs and are located within the testing areas, please notify them of the smoke testing or call the City at the below listed numbers.

Please notify the field technicians who are conducting the test should smoke enter your building at the time of the smoke testing or call the numbers listed below. Should you detect smoke, due to smoke testing, ventilate the room/s or building through open window/s or door/s. Leave the area and ventilate well to dissipate the smoke. Acute exposure can cause irritation of the respiratory system. Individuals are urged not to accept exposures that cause irritation.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Dax Cogdill at Public Works by calling (417) 588-6090 ext. 1012 or call City Hall at (417) 532-2156. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to successfully complete this important effort; it is greatly appreciated.

Map of Testing Area