Capital Improvement Tax Renewal Facts

Election Nov. 6th                                                                                

The existing sales tax for capital improvements is scheduled to sunset in December 2019 unless renewed by voters. The sales tax generates approximately 82% of general fund capital annually, representing the bulk of revenue available to the city for facility improvements and equipment upgrades. The proposed 10 year renewal will provide revenue for continued capital improvements according to the city’s comprehensive plan. 

Question: Shall the City Ordinance for the continuation of a sales tax for capital improvement purposes, described as follows, be approved?

Ordinance No. 5832 of the City of Lebanon, Missouri, passed August 27, 2018, continues a City Sales Tax for a period of ten years from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2030, at the rate of one-half percent (1/2 %) on the receipts from the sale at retail of all tangible personal property or taxable services at retail, if such property and services as subject to local sales tax imposed by the City of Lebanon, Missouri, for capital improvement purposes which shall at a minimum include an emergency services building, covered entry in to the civic center street sweeper, snow removal equipment, upgrade to the Boswell Aquatic Center, covered area for Farmers Market, upgrades to storm sirens, replacement of police vehicles and radios, new park amenities, Jefferson Avenue sidewalks, and maintenance needs of existing City facilities.

This is not a new tax, or an increase in rate, but a continuance of the current tax which will remain in effect until January 1, 2030.

Why a 10-year term?

A term of 10 years will allow financing of large projects and still provide a reasonable sunset of the tax. Financing large projects at low interest rates over this term increases available resources needed for year-to-year community needs.                                                        

  • Future Projects                                                                           
  •  Indoor walking path                                                                 
  • Covered entrance into the Cowan Civic Center including an indoor walking trail.

Farmers Market Pavilion                                                 

  • Citizens, vendors and products would have coverage from the elements during the twice weekly market days.

Public Safety Sub Facility

  • New public safety facility on the west side of town for police, fire and ambulance to insure faster response time to that area of the city.


  • Continued enhancements to existing park amenities to include improvements of the Boswell Aquatic Center as well as the construction of an outdoor pavilion at Atchley Park.

Improvements Since 2008:

Civic Center

  • The Cowan Civic Center has benefited from maintenance projects, including an upgraded HVAC system, an emergency generator and a swimming pool remodel project.

Boswell Aquatic Center

  • Recreational upgrades have been made to the Boswell Aquatic Center including maintenance.

Police Department

  • Police department services have been improved with new patrol cars, technology upgrades, bullet proof vests, dash cameras and body cameras.

Fire Department

  • The fire department has increased safety and rescue gear. The tax has provided essential vehicles including a fire truck and another on order. Funding has also provided for storm sirens and fire station improvements.


  • Park projects include restroom upgrades, walking trails, fencing, irrigation, sports fields improvements, tennis courts, playground equipment, other minor improvements.

City Hall Upgrades

  • Since 2008 the city entered into a program to expand and remodel Lebanon City Hall. The project brought the building up to date, increased energy efficiency and improved police department facilities.

AG Building

  • The construction of an enclosed show arena with connection to existing outdoor ag arena.


  • Various equipment replacements including technology upgrades, s computer hardware storm sirens and more.