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Posted on: January 10, 2024

Cut Your Energy Costs Conservation Day - Take Advantage of Rebates

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On National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, the City of Lebanon, Missouri, proudly emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency and conservation. Today is an ideal moment for our community to focus on reducing energy consumption, which benefits both our environment and our wallets.

Energy Conservation: A Key to Sustainable Living

In Lebanon, we believe that energy conservation is crucial for sustainable living. It helps preserve our natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. As a city, we are committed to adopting energy-saving strategies that offer environmental and economic benefits to our citizens.

Steps Towards Greater Energy Efficiency

  1. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances: Replacing older appliances with Energy Star-rated ones is a smart move towards reducing energy usage and saving on monthly bills.
  2. Seal Air Leaks: Check and seal air leaks in your home to prevent heat loss in winter and maintain cooler interiors in summer, leading to less energy usage.
  3. Embrace Natural Light: Utilize daylight to minimize the need for artificial lighting, thereby saving energy.
  4. Adjust Your Thermostat: Small changes in your thermostat settings can have a significant impact on energy consumption, without compromising your comfort.
  5. Unplug Unused Electronics: Devices in standby mode consume energy. Unplugging them when not in use helps prevent unnecessary energy drain.

Lebanon’s Energy-Saving Rebate Programs

We are excited to remind our residents about Lebanon's exclusive rebate programs aimed at promoting energy efficiency:

  • Energy Star Programmable Thermostat Rebate
  • Home Energy Audit Rebate Program
  • Heating and Cooling Tune-Up Rebate Program

These initiatives are designed to make it easier and more affordable for Lebanon residents to adopt energy-efficient practices in their homes.

Learn More About Our Rebate Programs

To discover more about these beneficial programs and how you can participate, please visit our website rebate page..

A Sustainable Future Starts with Us

Our participation in National Cut Your Energy Costs Day is not just about reducing utility bills today—it's about contributing to a more sustainable future for Lebanon. Every small step towards energy conservation is a stride towards a brighter, greener tomorrow. Let's continue to explore innovative ways to conserve energy and promote sustainability in our beloved city.

Lebanon Utilities Rebate Program
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